ADRIAN, MI, JUNE 9TH, 2023 — PlaneWave Instruments will supply, deliver, install, provide support, and maintain a 700mm Ritchey-Chrétien Optical Ground Station (OGS) telescope at The Australian National University (ANU) . The OGS telescope shall be capable of tracking satellites in LEO, GEO and Deep Space with low tracking error for the purpose of Free-Space Optical Communication (FSOC).

“The collaboration between our entities is dynamic and it will enhance the development of advanced features which include adaptive optics, uplink lasers, quantum communication, RF/optical hybrids and other techniques,” said Francis Bennet Ph.D., Project Lead and Instrumentation Scientist in the ANU Institute for Space. The concept of operations will entail the use of the OGS and current radio-frequency methods in order to take advantage of hardware currently in orbit and those that are planned, including quantum key distribution modules.

“We look forward to the build and contribution towards the research efforts that will enable new communication capabilities for ANU and their partners,” added Ruben Nunez, FSOC Market Segment lead and European Managing Director of PlaneWave Instruments. The OGS telescope is expected to be installed during the first quarter of 2021 at the Mount Stromlo Observatory.

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Dr. Francis Bennet’s field of expertise is Adaptive Optics and he is an Instrumentation Scientist in the ANU Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics, and a Mission Specialiast for Laser Communications with ANU InSpace. Dr. Bennet’s research focus is on leading a unified effort to capture a key translation opportunity for which our university is uniquely positioned. Dr. Bennet aims to deploy ANU-developed quantum technology augmented by advanced adaptive optics to demonstrate a space-based high-speed, global, inherently secure data network which can have a significant positive impact on global information security.

Dr. Bennet is assisted by the ANU Transnational Fellowship Program to accelerating work with key partners, building a focused, collaborative research program, and translate the results into the commercial and defence sectors.

About ANU Institute for Space

The Australian National University Institute for Space is an initiative that creates opportunities for and co-invests in research, innovation and collaboration to supercharge Australia’s space capability.

ANU is home to world-class space infrastructure and world-leading space industry researchers. We align our work and investment to the  Australian Space Agency’s (ASA) priority themes to drive national action: Positioning, navigation and timing, Earth observation, Communications technologies and services, Situation awareness and debris monitoring, Leapfrog R&D, Robotics and automation, Access to space, as well as three other critical areas: Defence, Home Affairs and Science.

For more information about ANU Institute for Space, visit inspace.anu.edu.au


By Matt Dieterich

Sitting 13 miles west of Boston under suburban skies (and a mere 32m above sea level!) is Wellesley College, the world’s preeminent college for women. Since 1870, Wellesley has given women the education and skills to make a difference in the world. With a student body of about 2,400, Wellesley can provide specialized instruction and plenty of hands-on learning experiences.  Wellesley astronomers have embraced this kind of pedagogy since its beginnings, and their students have had an impact on the astronomical world all the way back to Annie Jump Cannon (class of 1884). Read More.


socket5客户端th, Plane Wave Instruments Technical Service Manager Matt Dieterich and the Plane Wave crew installed a new 1-meter custom telescope at the Allan I. Carswell Observatory located at York University in Toronto—it’s expected to be the largest situated telescope on a university campus in Canada. The Allan I. Carswell Observatory has been a popular center for science outreach since 1969. Inside the observatory, Plane Wave technicians assembled the 1-meter telescope piece by piece, as a large crane lifted each crate down into the dome (totaling over 4,400 pounds). The observatory’s new telescope will enable hands-on learning experiences for students, astronomers, and the York community and beyond, and is expected to be unveiled at an event this October. Read More.


Renowned author, research scholar, astronomy instructor, and photometric observation visionary, Russ Genet is a living legend. He founded the Fairborn observatory in 1979, and was its director until the late 80s. Genet and his fellow colleagues pioneered and developed robotic telescopes at Fairborn, thus making it the first totally automatic robotic observatory in the world. On top of all that, Russ is also a former president of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. We can’t think of a man more qualified in the astronomical field than Russ, and this is his corner.

Russell M. Genet, PhD, Research Scholar in Residence California Polytechnic State University
Astronomy Instructor, Cuesta College, Institute for Student Astronomical Research




Automated instrument sequencers were employed on solar eclipse expeditions in the late 1800s. However, it was not until the 1960s that Art Code and associates at Wisconsin used a PDP-8 minicomputer with 4 K of RAM to automate an 8-inch photometric telescope. It took reliable microcomputers to initiate the modern era of robotic telescopes. Louis Boyd and the author (Russ Genet) applied single board microcomputers with 64K of RAM and floppy disk drives to telescope automation at the Fairborn Observatory, achieving reliable, fully robotic operation in 1983 that has continued uninterrupted for 28 years. In 1985 the Smithsonian Institution provided us with a suburb operating location on Mt. Hopkins in southern Arizona, while the National Science Foundation funded additional telescopes. Remote Internet access to our multiple robotic telescopes at the Fairborn Observatory began in the late 1980s. By 1989 the Fairborn Observatory, with its seven fully robotic telescopes, unmanned remotely-accessed mountaintop observatory, and part time staff of two, had illustrated the potential of automation to provide observations at heretofore unachievable low operating and maintenance costs. As the information capacity of the Internet exploded, observational modes beyond simple differential photometry opened up, bringing us to the current era of real-time access to remote observatories and global observatory networks. Although initially confined to smaller telescopes, robotic operation and remote access are now spreading to larger telescopes as telescopes from afar increasingly becomes the normal mode of operation. Read More



by Joe Carroll

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The major mission-ending risks for most operational spacecraft, however, come from impacts with debris just above the threshold of the protection shields (~5-mm to 1-cm).1

TCP/IP、Http、Socket的区别-百度经验:2021-6-1 · HTTP协议即超文本传送协议(Hypertext Transfer Protocol ),是Web联网的基础,也是手机联网常用的协议之一,HTTP协议是建立在TCP协议之上的一种应用。 HTTP连接最显著的特点是客户端发送的每次请求都需要服务器回送响应,在请求结束后,会主动释放连接。

One can armor satellites against larger impacts, but it raises costs. Even if most shielding protects up to ~1 cm, then most satellite impact losses will be from 1-2 cm shrapnel that is below the detection threshold of DoD’s new $1B fence. This raises a new practical question: Read More



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ANU Awards PlaneWave Instruments LASERCOM Groundstation Contract


Installation of new telescope expected to be largest at a Canadian university

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